Ayurveda Packages

The Tall Trees Ayurveda

This package includes various rejuvenation therapies such as Ayurvedabhayangam, Shirodara, Elakizhi, Rejuvenation Massage, Face Massage, Head Massage, etc.

The programme gives complete relaxation to mind and body, removes toxins through perspiration, improves blood circulation, reduces joint pain and back ache and gives an experience of healing touch of Ayurveda. It also improves complexion and imparts a glowing lustre to the skin.

If necessary, our Ayurvedic Physician may recommend an appropriate food menu to be followed during your stay. The package rates depend on the duration of stay, menu and the type of accommodation selected.

If you fill out the form below and send us sufficiently early, our Ayurvedic Doctor shall prescribe the required therapies and processes with the days required to complete the course.
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