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Eco Tourism

Bird Watching : Rare wild birds that have colourful plumage and that sing sonorously abound in the resort premises. Bird watchers can spend hours on end watching the winged surprises all around them. The balconies are good vantage points to observe the birds on trees at eye level. Mynas, Thrushes, Parrots, Shrikes, Hornbills etc., are commonly sighted.

Butterfly Watching: Unique and endemic species of colourful butterflies in different stages of metamorphosis can be watched from close quarters to your heart's content. The great variety of plant life sustains a great variety of insects. The largest moth in the world, the Atlas Moth, and one of the largest butterflies, the Southern Birdwing and other large and colourful specimens are easily observed.

Nature Photography : The rare flora and fauna of the wild variety can be photographed in quiet seclusion. There will be nothing to disturb the peace and tranquillity. Hides formed naturally by the undergrowth and the lofty position of the balconies are ideally suited for taking wildlife photos. Human constructions within the area are well planned not to protrude into the picture space.


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