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Western Ghats is the most bio-diverse bio geographic in the world and considered a bio-diverse hotspot with 2180 endemic species of plants. Of these about 1600 belonging to 51 genus are not seen anywhere else. Hundreds of fauna like the Lion Tailed Macaque, Nilgiri Tahr and Nilgiri Langur are seen nowhere else in the world. It is 1600 kms in length with an average height of 1500 mtrs from sea level. The most vulnerable portions of this eco-system are the shola forests. So it was a Herculean task to convert a piece of the shola forest into a modern resort without harming the fragile ecosystem in any manner. And The Tall Trees has managed this near-to-impossible feat.

Topography : The steep slopes of the Western Ghats with rocky crags, grassy hillocks, cascading streams and towering trees are the most suitable places for mountain resorts and The Tall Trees fits the picture perfectly. The elevation is just right to make the atmosphere cool and salubrious. Far from the din and bustle of city life, here you will experience the ideal location for a restful stay. The hundreds of endemic wild varieties of plants, small animals and birds depend upon an ecosystem of very fragile nature which has been carefully preserved all over the sprawling property. The water from the natural springs is rich in minerals and has medicinal value. The plantation inside the property is kept organic so that the air and water remain uncontaminated.

Climate : The summer temperature of 15 to 25oC and the winter temperature 0 to 10oC will help you cool your feet in the warmth of the homely hospitality provided. The cool mountain breeze will smoothen out the wrinkles and take away years off your age. During the winter months it may be misty at times but health giving. The rains during July-August will prove an enjoyable experience, especially below the glass roof. Most of the days are clear enough to give you distant views of undulating hills for miles around.


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