Recreation Centre

Well-furnished facilities for indoor games like caroms, table tennis, cards, chess, etc.


Children's play area in an open environment with modern installations


Ayurvedic massages and other wellness treatments

Group activities

With advance notice, performances by professional dance troops, live music and live cookery demo are arranged in a camp-fire area. We also have a state-of-the-art home theatre.


A swing with strong wooden platform hanging down from the branch of a tall tree amid lush greenery

Sports and games

Apart from the indoor games, guided short and long treks are arranged through the property and nearby areas


Nature's own intricate infrastructure

The Shola trail

If you want to go free with nature, if you do not want somebody to guide you along and spoil your rendezvous with unspoilt nature, you can just take a self-guided trekthrough the unique environment of the shola forest inside the property. You can crossthe gurgling streams and climb a hillock, sighting rare, endemic and colourful butterflies, birds and harmless little animals.


There is the Green Gym, O2, if you would like to do your fitness exercises under the open skies, breathing in a lungful of fresh open air, under the shady tall trees all around you. You can drink in the emerald world of beauty around you with your eyes and feel the perennial cool breeze soothing your body and seeping right into your soulto refresh and rejuvenate your whole self.


If you would like to enjoy scintillating and soul-filling views of the distant blue hills over the green canopy of the tall trees, with the clouds hanging on the rocky cliffs, without going too far, there is an ideal spot, 'The Nature View Point', within the property. It gives you calendar-perfect views that will be cherished all your life, especially in the mornings and evenings.


There is a trekking path, The Earth, specially kept ready for your sensitive bare feet with nothing to harm them. Feeling the throbbing virgin earth, under your bare sole will fill your soul with a sense of being one with nature. Let the outer skin of the earth be in touch with the outer skin of your bare feet and let mother earth caress you while your heartbeat synchronises with hers.


Letter writing had been the only means of communication between distant friends and relatives up to the recent few decades when telecommunication and internet facilities took over. But, it's a great feeling to relive our sweet memories of the good old days. Picture post-cards are provided free for the visitors to send to their dear ones with a few sweet words on their enjoyment in the Tall Trees Munnar.


There is a tea-tasting session every evening at the Tall Trees to experience the fine taste of various varieties of tea available in Munnar. Premium Leaf Tea, Dust Tea, Organic Tea, Orthodox Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Flavoured Tea, Heritage Tea, and several types of green tea including Hand-rolled Green Tea are made and the visitors enjoy the fine differences in taste and flavour.

Parking area

Ample parking space under the green canopy of tall trees

Drivers' Accommodation

The accommodation and dining facilities for drivers are separate and independent to ensure privacy of the guests.

Polite and prompt, yet conspicuously unobtrusive, service

The Tall Trees service policy judiciously combines latest ideas in hospitality and catering services with the tradition of treating the guest as a divine personage. Every visitor feels the exclusivity in the services, exceeding expectations and discarding all conventional and unnecessary affectations and pretensions. The whole atmosphere is homely and friendly.