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Honeymoon is veritably one of the best times ever in a person's life. To live it, to relive it, or even to remember it, would be a blissful interlude in the 'tedious-as-a-twice-told-tale' life of every man and woman. If the place you choose has a perfect honeymoon ambience, complete privacy in a perfectly secure property, then, and then only, you will cherish every moment of your honeymoon as the most blissful memory of your life. If your choice of your honeymoon place is wrong, you will never forgive yourself for the greatest blunder of your life.

Welcome to the Tall Trees Resorts, Munnar, a Paradise for all aspiring Adams and Eves. Here you will have all the privacy and security you had always dreamed of and longed for. It is situated on the slopes of the Western Ghats, one of the most bio-diverse and pristine patches of nature still left unsullied through eco-friendly activism.

What makes the Tall Trees Resorts stand out is the environmental equilibrium painfully preserved and maintained in the sprawling 66 acres, with over 600 old and tall trees, even when all the modern creature comforts are tastefully arranged in each of the well appointed and elegantly furnished cottages nestling among the greenery. The whole air is suffused with the bewitching aroma of virgin wilderness, and homely hospitality that makes the visitor long for returning again and again.

The sound of birds singing, the gurgling sound of the stream, the rustle of leaves as the perennial breeze plays with them, all add to the 'honeymoon in the lap of nature' ambience. The shady trees, the flower-bedecked bushes and vines, the aroma of exotic flora and the colourful butterflies add to the enchanting aura around the Resort. There is also an Ayurvedic centre to root out your ailments and rejuvenate your body and mind.

The Tall Trees Resorts is situated just at the right distance from Munnar town, one of the most popular mountain resorts in India. It is far enough to shut out the hustle and bustle of the town and close enough to enjoy all its facilities and amenities. A smooth eight-kilometre ride, through enchanting scenery, from Munnar town will get you there

Generally, the climate is salubrious. The summer temperature of 15o to 25o is cool by tropical standards and the winter temperature 0o to 10o is cooler and misty but quite rejuvenating. The monsoon rains during July-August will prove an enjoyable experience, especially below the glass roof. Most of the days are clear enough to give you distant views of undulating hills for miles around.

The Western Ghats are 1600 kms in length with an average height of 1500 metres from sea level. As the most vulnerable portions of the Western Ghats are the shola forests, it was a Herculean task to convert a piece of the shola forest into a modern resort without harming the fragile ecosystem in any manner. The Tall Trees has flawlessly managed this near-to-impossible feat. The steep slopes of the Western Ghats with rocky crags, grassy hillocks, cascading streams, wooded valleys, manicured plantations and towering trees will mesmerize you. Endemic wild varieties of plants, small animals and birds depend upon an ecosystem of very fragile nature which has been carefully preserved all over the sprawling property.


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