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Honeymoon never sets at The Tall Trees

Honeymoon is a noun that may denote a period of one month or two months. Just like relationship and love. But honeymooning, relating, loving are continuous verbs that has no end. If you continue relating with your partner just as you were during honeymooning together, if you continue discovering something new in your partner every time you are relating with your partner, if you continue going deeper and deeper into your partner’s body, mind and soul, then your honeymooning will never end.

If your honeymoon period has generated genuine interest in each other your relationship will be an unending honeymoon of exploring each other. Even when the body may become boring for you, the mind and heart will keep you both diving into the deep recesses of each other. If you start honeymooning below the tall trees, in the lap of nature at its most diverse richness, your honeymooning will never end.

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