The Tall Trees

We envision a blissful union of man with nature in the seclusion of lush greenery and salubrious climate, while enjoying streamlined service and all creature comforts.

The world is experiencing a crucial time of anxiety over the backlash of nature due to the environmental degradation and over-exploitation of natural resources by man. Increasing presence of heavy metals, nitrates and plastic pollutants, overuse of fossil fuels, over-acidifications of the oceans, deforestation, waste disposal problems and genetic engineering are some of the reasons. The backlash has already begun in the form of depletion of ozone layer, global warming and climatic vagaries.

The solution lies in integrating the elements of nature with the sustainable development of mankind. Getting the urbanised man closer to nature and making him understand and feel the joy of getting immersed in nature, making him a part of nature, is the easiest and most effective path of making man concerned about the protection of environment.

The Tall Trees Munnar is a successful attempt in this direction. Here we bring people into the lap of nature and make them aware of the blessings of nature in a pristine eco-system, inside a unique, bio-diverse, ever-green patch of unpolluted environment.


The Tall Trees

The Tall Trees Munnar is a boutique property of Pearl Spot Resorts Ltd. It is a public limited company with registered and administrative office at 59/1351, 2nd Floor, Arangath Road, Pullepady, Cochin - 682 018. The Company was registered in 1993; Government sanction was received in 1996 with approval from the Department of Tourism. The resort became operational in 2001. The promoters of the Tall Trees Munnar are experts in the field with business acumen and environmental concern.

The Board of Directors

Mr. G. PrabhakarKamath - Chairman

Mr. K .M. Radhakrishnan – Managing Director

Mr. Kochouseph Chittilappilly - Director

Mr. S. G. Nair - Director

Mr. G. G. K. Nair – Director