Hill Spice Restaurant

Traditional delicacies

An expansive glass-roofed hall, with a long balcony from where you can commune with the tall trees around you, this restaurant has an entrance modelled after the traditional aristocratic architecture of ancient Kerala. Spacious and well laid-out, the service here is prompt and polite. The dishes are made with fresh and organic ingredients. Savoury traditional culinary delights of Kerala and popular South Indian, North Indian and continental dishes may make your choice rather difficult. The sight of the tall trees swaying in the breeze, clouds over you, like puffy cotton balls in the cerulean skies, above the tall trees and the view of the distant hills playing hide and seek behind moving clouds, with the whistling and chirping of birds and squirrels will make you linger longer. A candle light dinner in this restaurant with the moon overhead and the orchestra of cicadas in full swing is an unforgettable experience.

Cafe Elaichi

Unearthly ambience, yet closer to nature

Cafe Elaichi is a roof-top restaurant of open huts, a notch above the Hill Spice Restaurant and right under the canopy of the tall trees. You get your dishes served in the huts with the sides open letting in the perennial cool breeze. There are facilities for camp fire and barbeque under the moonlit skies. The ethereal experience will be etched forever in your memory.