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The tropical rainy forests of Kerala contain an abundance of rare ethnic flora and fauna. Though the facilities for viewing them at a safe distance are limited, it is indeed an experience to be treasured to watch elephants, tigers, etc. in their natural habitat.

Eravikulam (17 kms from Munnar) : A tranquil lake reflecting grassy mountains surrounding it and frequented by rare animals form the heart of the Eravikulam National Park. Fascinating rare flowers and animals can be sighted and studied without the crowds usually found in tourist spots. Anaimudi with a height of 2695 mtrs. is a part of this park. The adventure seekers and serious students of rare species find this place most ideal for the pursuit of their interests.

Chinnar (64 kms from Munnar) : Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is a unique semi-arid tropical forest region lying contiguous to the Eravikulam national park. It is in the rain shadow region of the Western Ghats. Rare endemic flora like the critically endangered albizia lathamii and rare fauna like the endangered giant grizzled squirrel and white bison are also often sighted. With the largest number of reptilian fauna in Kerala including the mugger crocodile and 225 recorded species of birds, it is indeed a unique biosphere area of 90.422 sq. kms. Chinnar has the unique thorny scrub forest with Xerophytic species. There is a drastic variation in the climate and vegetation, as the altitude varies from 500 to 2,400 metres within a few kilometres radius.

Periyar (110 kms from Munnar) : One of the largest wildlife reserves in India, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary at Thekkady is the most popular wildlife reserve in the country. The tiger reserve forming a part of the sanctuary is a great crowd puller. A boat ride on the placid Periyar Lake is the easiest way to sight wild animals in close proximity. Herds of wild elephants, which come to drink the water and frolic in the lake, bewitch the viewers. Bison, spotted deer, sambar, leopard, stripe necked mongoose, Malabar flying squirrel etc. are also frequently sighted.


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